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Shingle Reviews - Consumer Reports Shingle Reviews and the Roofers Shingle Reviews

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Shingle Reviews
Consumer Reports Shingle Reviews and the GRS Roof Installer Perspective on Shingle Reviews

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Asphalt Shingle Reviews 2012
Consumer Reports Shingle Ratings and Reviews vs. The Shingle Installers Opinions

Notice: A follow-up consumer reports shingles reviews article published June 27, 2012 on our blog can be found here:

We were sitting around with a few moments today talking about the consumer reports shingle rating and reviews. We subscribe to the consumer reports online system not only to review the shingle ratings they publish but we also use it around the office when we're buying stuff for home like electronics etc.

Now, let me preface this with that we know that consumer reports very likely has a very scientific way of testing shingles and their system (for what it is) is very likely accurate.

However, we started to think about things like where you live for example. You see, in Calgary Alberta, or better yet Lethbridge Alberta we have dry winds - "Chinooks". In Vancouver, BC our roofers deal with a lot of moisture and gale wind blowing in from the ocean. And then our roofers in places like Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, etc deal with very cold winters. I guess the point is, how can you really review a shingle properly in a testing facility? Or can you?

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Here's another example, do the people testing and writing reviews install shingles on real rooftops? Are they "real" roofers?

Here's what we started to think about.... me, as a shingler, I know certain things like if I install a Malarkey Legacy shingle (which we give a much higher review grade than consumer reports rates the Legacy - not that theirs is a poor rating) doesn't have the double laminate strip like the BP Harmony for example. Not that the double laminate strip on shingles should give any shingle a low rating or review, but here's the point... The Malarkey Legacy can lay in certain valleys (because of the "zone" nailing strip) in a way that no other shingle can. Or, the BP Harmony may be more appropriate in certain instances also.

Now.... if I know that as a roofer and I am helping a residential customer choose a shingle, and that residential home-owner has read some random reviews about say the Malarkey Legacy (which is a score, not necessarily a review) and the review given to that shingle was lower than say a GAF shingle for whatever reason but the rating agency can't distinguish the type of roof that the shingle is going to be installed to, and it certainly can't review the shingle in accordance to regional issues. Sure they can test high wind, hail, UV, algae growth etc in a lab, but I think you get the point.

We know certain shingles are better for steep slopes, open valleys, some shingles are best for closed or weaved valleys, and some shingles just cut better or when they are loaded on the roof the bundle wrappers stay together best, or the shingles have a certain pattern to them or texture when installed, and on and on.....

So we thought to ourselves, how much weight should we really be giving these shingle ratings and reviews? 

So here's where this is going. We can't tell you whether the consumer reports ratings are accurate or not, we suspect in a lab setting they are. However, we can't agree with some of their ratings and reviews with what we experience on the roof - and some we can.

GAF Tru Slate Shingle (Slate Tile)
If you're a roofer and you have any interest in this, we'd like to know your opinion. 

If the other roofers out there in the world (which thousands are regular readers of our blog, so we know you're out there) could review the reviewers at consumer reports as it applies to the shingle ratings that would be a great exercise in our thinking. Perhaps we would all see it similar?

Anyway, we thought we'd put that out there as we get many inquiries from residential homeowners from around the world (like hundreds a week) on our blog searching for shingle reviews and ratings. 

We suspect the best thing for home-owners to do is weigh some to what the roofers are saying online and some to what organizations like Consumer Reports have to say - then you get the scientific and the not so scientific version.

Ultimately, the home-owner requires a roofer that really knows the shingles and how those shingles are best used on certain roofs. 

What will the design look like when the roof is done? The texture? The color patterns of the shingles? Which shingles work best on high slope? Which shingles work best on low slope roofing? And on and on. The only people that really know how to review or rate a shingle specific for your specific use is a roofer that installs them and has installed shingles for years in various scenarios.

I would be cautious of the random rants from shinglers and home-owners on the net however - we've read some very misleading reviews about some shingles. Like the IKO Cambridge - we have seen some terrible reviews of the IKO Cambridge Shingle and we have literally installed millions of the IKO Cambridge with-out a problem. The IKO Cambridge Shingle is a great shingle for the price point. We suspect it is simply that the Cambridge Shingle is a top seller so naturally there will be more complaints (more volume of shingles sold will equal more complaints).

We've published our own shingle reviews specific to shingle products we use for IKO, GAF, Malarkey, Owens Corning, Certainteed, and BP (admittedly most are positive as those are the products we have chosen to use, but the reviews can assist you with the right shingles to choose in a given scenario).

If you are searching for reviews on these shingles (IKO, GAF, Malarkey, Owens Corning, Certainteed, and BP) from the perspective of roofers that install them everyday simply use the search box to the top right of this page and enter a search term such as "shingle reviews" and the reviews will come up for what is on our blog, what is linked from this blog, and what is generally available on the internet.

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