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BP Shingles - Shingle Reviews, BP Shingle Review

BP Shingles - BP Shingle Review (BP Eclipse GL Shingle)
BP Shingles
Shingle Review for BP Shingles

General Roofing Systems Canada installs BP Shingles through-out Western Canada. BP Shingle Installations in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, and points between.

BP Shingles: Shingle Review from the Shingles Installers at General Roofing Systems Canada

BP Shingles 2011 - Our Review in General of BP Shingle Line

BP Shingles, a division of Building Products Corp is a major shingle manufacturer in Canada. In Western Canada the representation at the retail store level and the shingle supplier level is excellent. I believe both Home Depot Shingle Dept and the Rona Stores carry BP Shingles. For us, the Shingle Companies installing the BP Shingles, distribution is excellent.

The quality of the BP Shingle would be similar to the IKO Shingle. The manufacturing process of the two shingles are different at BP than IKO, so this isn't necessarily "technically true", but the two shingle companies do focus on the same segment of shingle purchaser. BP shingles tend to focus on the low price, mid price, and mid to high priced shingles - like IKO.

In summary, our installers like to install the BP shingles, GRS as a company installs BP Shingles regularly, and have very few problems (if any difficulty it is with shingles butting up perfectly which is no big deal). BP Shingles are very well represented, and the shingle choices, colors, and textures in the BP Shingle Line are varied. BP Shingles are an excellent choice for most home-owners.

BP Shingles - Designer Shingles

BP Shingles - BP Asphalt Shingle Residential Roofing Main Web Page

BP Shingles - BP Eclipse GL Shingle - Best BP Shingle - Shake Look Shingle - Heavy Weight - Double Layer - Laminate Shingle - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Review of the BP Eclipse GL Shingle
The BP Eclipse GL is a moderately high end, premium shingle. It is heavyweight and the Eclipse GL Shingle does have pleasant street appeal. The BP Yukon SB Shingle or the BP Meridian 3D Shingle must accompany the BP Eclipse GL Shingle for the shingle cap. One advantage the Eclipse GL has is that for a mid high premium shingle it is available in seven colours. The Eclipse does offer a "Shake Like Look" but does not compete with other shingle offerings at the top end of the shingle market. In terms of quality and value for the price - hands down, the BP Eclipse GL is a great value for the money paid.

BP Shingles - BP Everest Shingles - Double Layer Shingle - Laminate Shingle - Asphalt Shingle - Limited Lifetime Warranty Shingle - Weather-Tite Technology

BP Mystique Shingles

Our Review of the BP Everest Shingles and the BP Mystique (economy version of the BP Everest Shingle)
The BP Everest Shingle and the BP Mystique Shingles are the mid road shingle that applies to the largest portion of the shingle purchasing market. These BP Shingles compete with shingles like the IKO Cambridge. Our installers really enjoy installing the Everest Shingles and due to the minor difference in pricing of shingles we can't say we've had opportunity to install the BP Mystique. We can only assume it performs well, as the BP Everest Shingle does, it is just a lighter weight shingle that doesn't appear to have the wide nailing zone the BP Everest Shingles have, and is a less costly shingle offering.

BP Shingles - BP Manoir Shingle - Fiberglass Laminate Shingle - 3 Tab - Random Pattern 3 Tab Shingle - Limited Lifetime Warranty Shingle - Weather-Tight Technology

Our Review of the BP Monoir Shingle
The BP Monoir Shingle is a favorite of the shingle installers at General Roofing Systems Canada - we can't say enough about the advantages the BP Monoir has relative to other shingles in its class. The BP Monoir Shingle has some excellent value added features and a reasonable price. Here again, the BP Yukon SB Shingle or the BP Meridian 3D cap shingle must be used in conjunction with the BP Monoir Shingle. 

The BP Monoir Shingle offers;
- Random Pattern 3 Tab Shingle Design for street appeal that most 3 tab shingles don't offer.
- 3 Tab Dimensional Shingle look for a great textured looking 3 tab shingle.
- The BP Shingle Weather-Tight Technology is a great feature for high wind, rainy areas that cause typical shingles to leak.
- The exposed part of the BP Monoir Shingle is twice the size of a regular shingle so it presents what shingle installers refer to "excellent shingle exposure or shingle coverage".
- The BP Monoir Shingle is an excellent value considering the cost of the shingle and performance.

BP Shingles - Traditional 3 Tab Shingle Offerings from BP

Our Review of the Traditional 3 Tab Shingles from BP
All the 3 Tab shingles from BP are sound, dependable, predictable, and standard shingle offerings for the most part.

BP Shingles - BP Dakota Shingle - Standard 3 Tab Shingle
The BP 3 Tab Dakota Shingle is the lower cost 25 year 3 Tab BP Shingle.

BP Shingles - BP Mirage GS Shingle - Dimensional 3 Tab Shingle
The 30 year BP Mirage GS Shingle is a 3 tab shingle but it is a 3 tab dimensional shingle and shows quite well

BP Shingles - BP Yukon SB Shingle - Fiberglass Heavy Weight 3 Tab Shingle
The Yukon BP Shingle is what we install most of when it comes to ordering BP 3 Tab Shingles. The BP Yukon is one of the best shingles you can buy in its class of shingles. It has a great dimensional look for a 3 tab, it is priced right, the color selection for the Yukon shingle is terrific, and it is a rugged shingle with a 30 year warranty.

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