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Re-Roofing? Low Slope Roofing. Shingles or Flat Roof Membrane? Flat Roof or Pitched Roof?

Re-Roof Low Slope Shingle to Flat Roof Membrane
Re-Roofing? Converting Low Slope Shingles to Flat Roof Membrane Roofing on Your Home and Considering Converting a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof. 

General Roofing Systems Canada re-roofs low slope residential roofing systems through out Western Canada. Our roofing services are available in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler and points between.

One common challenge home owners have when considering re-roofing a flat roof or a low slope roof on their home, and we receive many inquiries about, is homes with a low slope pitch that currently have shingles on the roof and the home-owner is considering a conversion to a flat roof membrane when they re-roof instead of the shingles or home-owners considering converting a flat roof on their home to a pitched or sloped roof instead.

Some considerations for low slope re-roof planning for your home;

Low Slope Roof Membranes

Today there are many more options than once available for home-owners considering flat roof or low slope roofing membranes for re-roofing. We can remove the shingles on your home and apply a number of different systems.

Homeowners call us with concerns over the cost of low slope or flat roof membranes (relative to shingles) and this becomes a serious consideration when plannning for a residential re-roof project.

Low slope roofing has changed and many options are now available for re-roofing your home that are much less costly than the traditional low slope tar roofing or torch down roll roofing.

The other thing that home-owners often call about is taking a low slope or a flat roof and having it turned in to a pitched roof or a high slope roof instead of a flat roof.

Today, solutions are available for low slope residential roofs that don't require the cost of traditional flat roofing or the expense to go from a flat roof to a pitched slope roof on a home.

Newer low slope roofing membranes are "single ply". EPDM is a single ply low slope roofing membrane that has a 20 Year membrane warranty (the membrane warranty is available for residential re-roofing as well as commercial re-roofing) and some flat roofers will tell you they expect the newer single ply roofing membranes to last 30 or 40 years, TPO is a single ply low slope white roofing membrane, PVC is similar to TPO in that it is single ply and white, and then there are the older style systems being the torch down sbs modified bitumen roofing membrane (or roll roofing) and Tar and Gravel flat roofing. All of which work on low slope re-roofing projects. And finally, there are metal roof or steel roofing systems for low slope re-roofing and even shingles for slopes to about a 4/12 pitch. Some roofing contractors are applying low slope shingles to 3/12 but we consider it tennative.

Edmonton, AB Residential Re Roof Low Slope
Low Slope Residential Re-Roofing

The residential low slope roof in the pictures of this post are of a residential low slope roof that we are re-roofing this week. The low slope shingles are being torn off and replaced or re-roofed and converted to an EPDM flat roof membrane. The EPDM roofing membrane system carries a 20 year manufacturer warranty. Also in the re-roofing process, we are removing the sheathing from this home and an attic insulator is blowing in insulation, then we are re-sheeting and adding a low slope insulation board, and then EPDM low slope roofing. All the roof flashings are being replaced in the re-roofing process - the eave, gable, chimney etc will be replaced as will all roof penetrations. The two low slope skylights are being replaced. The venting of this low slope re-roofing project will be re designed and installed at the ridge or peak of the roof with a custom made ridge ventilation system that will have a curb framed in first and then the ridge vent along the ridge. This will allow for proper attic / roof space air flow and ventilation, it will keep snow from covering the ridge vent, as well the custom framed curb for the vent will keep snow from entering the roof system.

You can follow this residential re-roof project by checking back regularly on our roofing blog as we will post pictures showing the process of re-roofing from a low slope shingle roof to a low slope flat roofing membrane.

If you have any questions about low slope roof membranes or re-roofing you can call us any time at +1.877.497.3528 or email us at or click here to fill out an online request form.

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